What is the autism
spectrum disorder?

Autism spectrum disorders are a group of developmental disorders that affect communication and behavior. Though autism can be diagnosed at any age, it is known as a developmental disorder because the symptoms generally appear during the first two years of the child’s life.

Children with the autism spectrum disorder usually manifest difficulty to communicate or interact with other people, they show restricted interests and repetitive behaviors, and have a limited ability to perform at school and in other areas of their lives.

Autism disorder is known as a spectrum because there is a wide range of variation in the type or severity of the symptoms manifested by those affected by this disorder.

What are the signs and
symptoms of the autism
spectrum disorder?

People with the ASD have difficulty to communicate or to interact socially, they have restricted interests and show repetitive behaviors.

Though it's hard to identify the ASD before the child reaches school age, there is a variety of symptoms that you can identify. According to the National Association of Autism the ASD typically manifests through any combination of the following four deviations of the norm:

1. Difficulty to interact socially
2. Affectation of cognitive ability
3. Difficulty to communicate
4. Repetitive behaviors


The following list offers some examples of the types of behaviors that are frequent in children with the autism spectrum disorder. Not all children with ASD will manifest all of these behaviors simultaneously, but many will show some of those mentioned right below.


1Limited or inconsistent visual contact with others
2 Tendency to ignore or to not listen to other people
3 Rarely sharing objects or activities they like with others
4 Not responding or delaying to respond whenever they are called by their name
5Difficulty to follow up on conversations
6 Talking about a topic during a long period of time without allowing others to participate in the conversation
7 Showing facial expressions, movements, or gestures that don't coincide with what they're saying
8 Speaking with an unusual voice that might sound like they were singing or producing robotic sounds
9Inability to understand other person's point of view or to predict or assimilate other people's actions

Communication and social
interaction behaviors

10Repeating certain behaviors or showing unusual attitudes like repeating phrases or words inconsistently
11 Showing an intense and prolonged interest in certain topics like numbers, details or data
12 Showing an intense interest on certain physical things like moving objects or parts of other objects
13 Getting upset for any tiny change in their routine
14Showing limited or excessive sensitivity to sensorial stimulus, like excessive sensitivity to light, noise, or even clothing textures or temperature

Restricted or repetitive

15Being able to learn things with incredibly great detail and then remember the information for long periods of time
16 Outstanding visual and hearing memory
17 Outstanding performance in mathematics, science, music and art

Brilliant or outstanding
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