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Full Circle Therapy has specialized in the treatment of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapies that aim to reduce inappropriate behaviors and to increase the strengths, skills and desirable behaviors from children and teenagers with autism diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can autism be diagnosed?
How early should you test your child for autism?
What are the benefits of having an early autism diagnosis?

Full Circle Therapy has a methodology that allows parents to initiate an early diagnostic in order to determine with certainty if their child has the autism spectrum disorder.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents to do the first autism spectrum disorder test to their children when they are 18 or 24 months old.

With an early diagnosis your child will be able to receive the proper treatment that will improve his quality of life and will let him become a totally functional child who will achieve all of his potential.

What are
ABA therapies?

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) is the most used methodology for the treatment of the autism disorder. This methodology is based on behavioral theories which say that desired behaviors can be taught through a system of rewards and consequences. ABA methodology apply behavioral principles to behavioral goals and measures the results. ABA therapies are designed for each person and allow the patient to be functional and independent in all areas of his life.

Why should I choose Full Circle Therapy
for the treatment of
my autistic child?

Because Full Circle Therapy offers you a variety of treatments that will cover all the areas of the life of a child that has been diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. Our therapies will help your child to improve his behavior at home, at school, and at the community.

Not only we can help autistic children to learn to carry a functional life, but we also teach their parents how to face this challenge in the best possible manner with the support of our talented professionals who get involved with great commitment in the attention of each case.

How to detect if your child has the
autism spectrum

If you want to know if your child might have the Autism Spectrum Disorder, please read our 20 steps guide to detect ASD.

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